Extension Activities - Animal Husbandry And Dairy Science

Extension Activities Animal Husbandry And Dairy Science

1. Animal Husbandry & Dairy Science Infrastructure of A. LABORATORIES, LECTURE AND SEMINAR HALLS

Name of the Section / Department

Laboratory/ Seminar Hall

Area (m2)

Highlights related with conduct of practical, lecture and HOT

Under graduate , AHDS Section

Processing Lab


Lab is well equipped with hot water bath, hot air oven, muffle furnace,Cream separator, Khoa machine, Cooling and freezing sytems, cloth stand etc.

Equipped with bench/ Stool, charts,  flex boards etc. LCD projector, seating arrangement for 30 students 

The Division of Animal Husbandry and dairy Science is devoted for practical oriented teaching learning process. To ensure the quality education impartation this division has seasonal fodder crop cafeterias. The avalable land with this division is as follows.

B. Farm

Name of the Farm 



(Area in ha)


Purpose (Remarks)

(Area in ha)

(Area in ha)

UG (Dairy farm)




For fodder and seed production