Agricultural Botany

Agricultural Botany

Agricultural Botany section is actively engaged in undergraduate teaching. This section is having an area of 3.80 ha. covering seed production and general crop production. The section is provided with two well equipped laboratories including plant biotechnology and tissue culture laboratory. Seed production programme is also executed as per the university directives by this section. The staff of this section also uses to render services to farming communities. The staff from this section also visiting problematic fields, writing popular articles in newspaper, magazine and attending farmers rallies.


Agricultural Botany section is provided with one Associate Professor and three Assistant Professor and supporting staff headed by the Professor of Agril Botany Section. At present one post of Assistant Professors is vacant. The section use to offer eleven core courses as per the revised syllabus in two semesters every year. In addition to teaching, each staff member is allotted ten to twenty students for counseling. The teaching staffs uses to guide and solve academic as well as personal problems of these students. Staff members are also organizing coaching classes for the students appearing for ICAR Jr. Res. Fellowship Examination and PG entrance exams as well as competitive examinations.

The following courses are offered by this department as a core courses and experiential learning courses.

B. Sc. (Agri). Course Layout as per V Dean Committee. (2017-18)

Sr. No. Semester Course No. Credits Course Title
1 I BOT-111 2(1+1) Introductory biology *3
2 II GPB 121 3(2+1) Fundamentals of Genetics
3 II BOT 121 2(1+1) Fundamentals of Crop Physiology
4 III GPB 232 2(1+1) Fundamentals of Plant Breeding
5 III BIOCHM 231 3(2+1) Fundamentals of plant biochemistry and biotechnology
6 III ESDM 231 3(2+1) Environmental Studies and Disaster Management
7 IV GPB 243 3(1+2) Principles of Seed Technology
8 IV ELE GPB 244 3(2+1) Commercial Plant breeding 
9 IV ELE BOT 242 3(1+2) Micropropogation Technologies
10 V GPB 355 2(1+1) Crop Improvement – I (Kharif Crops)
11 V BOT 353 1(1+0) Intellectual Property Right
12 VI GPB 366 2(1+1) Crop Improvement – II (Rabi crops  )
13 VII RAWE BOT 1(0+1) Agril. Botany
14 VIII ELM BOT 481 10(0+10) Seed production and Technology 
15 VIII ELM.BOT482 10(0+10) Tissue culture Technologies 

B. Sc. (Agri). Course Layout as per IV Dean Committee

Sr. No. Semester Course No. Credits Course Title
1 I BOT-111 1+1=2 Environmental Science
2 II BOT-122 2+1=3 Principles of Genetics
3 III BOT-233 2+1=3 Principles of Plant Breeding
4 III BOT-234 2+1=3 Crop Physiology
5 IV BOT-245 2+1=3 Breeding Field & Horticultural Crops
6 V BOT-356 2+1=3 Principles of Plant Biotechnolgy
7 VI BOT-367 2+1=3 Principles of Seed Technology
8 VII RAWE BOT 1+0=1 Agril. Botany
9 VIII ELM.BOT482 10(0+10) Tissue culture Technologies