Horticulture Research

Horticulture Research

The Horticulture Section, College of Agriculture, Nandurbar is engaged in conducting, teaching, research extension, module (ELP) work related to various aspects of horticulture since 2013. This section has well equipped, established & smart laboratory with 960.74 sq.ft area. Last two years section conducted vegetable production module (ELP) for the final year student & they gained the knowledge about commercial production of various vegetables.




Name of the laboratory

Space (Area)

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Specialty to conduct practical / hands on training




Horticulture Lab




Actual bed preparation, raising seedlings, prepared crop cafeteria etc. Preparation of processed products.

Commercial vegetable production module by student. Propagation methods e.g. Cutting, layering, budding and grafting and crop maximization practices like bending, notching, ringing and girdling, training and pruning. Production Technology of Vegetables and Flower Crops: Maximization of vegetable yield by viz., staking, turning, blanching, earthing up. Maximization of flower yield and quality by pinching, disbudding, pruning, bending. Vegetable Production: Production and marketing of various vegetables viz., tomato, brinjal, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, garlic and exotics. Preparation of value added products.